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We love our environment & we love coffee!

We also love the concept of reusable cups. That's why we created Swig: a premium reusable & no leak cup for busy people on the go.

Choose your Swig and minimise waste from single use coffee cups.

  • Colours for everyone!

    With 125 different colour combinations, Swig changes it's personality to suit yours :)

  • No leaks!

    Finally a reusable cup that does not leak.. when the mouthpiece is closed of course!

  • Practical Design

    Swig's food grade silicone sleeve & borosilicate glass cup keeps your beverage hotter for longer.

  • Premium Quality

    Sourced & made from the highest quality materials, Swig feels like no other reusable cup.

  • A gift to please everyone

    Swig makes a great gift for any tea or coffee lover.

  • Every Swig makes a difference..

    Millions of single use coffee cups end up in landfill each day. Your reusable Swig cup reduces waste as an alternative to single use cups. 

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